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When consulting the Site, cookies are used on your computer, mobile or tablet.

The purpose of this document is to inform users of the Site of how these cookies work and
how to configure them.


A cookie is a small file stored on the user’s device (computer, phone etc.) and linked to a web domain. This file is automatically sent back to the user when the user contacts the same domain again.
Cookies have many uses; they can be used to store:

  • The language in which the web page is displayed
  • The type of device used to access the Site
  • An identifier that enables navigation to be traced for statistical or advertising purposes.

Some of these uses are strictly necessary for the functions expressly requested by the user or for the establishment of communication and therefore do not require consent. Others, which do not meet these criteria, require the user’s consent before reading or writing.

MINERVA ISSARTEL is particularly attentive to the recommendations of France’s National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) concerning the use of cookies. Their use is specifically aimed at identifying the user, keeping track of their visits to the Site and
proposing personalised offers concerning advertising outside the Site.


To be used on the user’s device, cookies are subject to the user’s consent.
When the user first connects to the Site, the cookie banner appears, giving the user the
option of clicking on the different levels of consent.

Acceptance is considered to be the user’s consent to the use of cookies on their device for a maximum period of 12 months.

The user also has the option of clicking on the “Money” button. This choice means that the user expresses their choice not to have unnecessary cookies used on their device.

Finally, the user can configure their choice at any time by clicking on the “Customise” button or by clicking on the cookies icon in the bottom left of all the pages of the Site.

It is impossible for the user to refuse to allow required cookies to be used. They are essential to the functions of the Site and the provision of services.
So-called analytical cookies, which are designed to measure traffic, are used if the user gives their consent on the Site and can be refused by using the cookie manager available here.

The user is hereby informed that MINERVA ISSARTEL‘s partners and any other third parties are likely to use cookies on the Site as data processors.

The user can consult all of MINERVA ISSARTEL‘s partners via the cookie manager available here according to the level of consent chosen.

As a reminder, the use of cookies by third parties is subject to their privacy policies. The user is invited to consult third-party sites for further information on the cookies used and their management.


The use of cookies when the user visits the Site is carried out by MINERVA ISSARTEL as the publisher of the Site, or by third parties. MINERVA ISSARTEL cookies
The cookies used by MINERVA ISSARTEL as the publisher of the Site (or by its partners) on the user”s device are used for browsing the Site and optimising and personalising the services, in particular by obtaining the user's consent to the use of cookies.

These cookies:

  • Establish statistics and volumes of traffic and the use of the various components of
    our Site (sections and content visited, route taken)
  • Adapt the presentation of our platform to the display preferences of the user’s
    terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used etc.) when
    visiting the Site, according to the hardware and display or reading software that
    their device contains
  • Collect the user’s consent when they first connect to the Site or when the duration of their consent expires.

Third-party cookies

Cookies used by third parties are used to identify the user’s areas of interest through their browsing on the Site and to propose personalised advertising outside the Site.

  • Analytics and performance cookies
  • Google Analytics | Cookie Policy – Privacy Policy
  • Google Tag Manager | Privacy Policy
  • Targeting cookies
  • Facebook Ads | Cookie Policy – Privacy Policy
  • Google AdWords | Cookie Policy – Privacy Policy
  • LinkedIn Insight Tag | Cookie Policy – Privacy Policy
  • Instagram | Cookie Policy – Privacy Policy
  • Twitter Ads | Cookie Policy – Privacy Policy


Cookies serve different purposes.

Some cookies are required on the Site for it to be used and others have secondary purposes.

Required cookies

These cookies are essential for the Site to function and for its services to be used. They need to be used for the user to have access to the main functionalities of the Site, particularly as regards:

  • The choice of language
  • The obtaining of consent to the use of cookies.

If the required cookies are not used, the user will not be able to browse the Site in
accordance with their expectations. These cookies are used by MINERVA ISSARTEL to
provide optimal use of the Site.

Analytical cookies

These cookies aim to determine the use, traffic volumes and performance of the Site.
MINERVA ISSARTEL uses them to improve the value, usability and operation of the Site.

Advertising cookies

These are cookies used to present advertisements or to send information adapted to the
centres of interest outside the Site to the user of the Site when browsing the Internet.
Setting the user’s browser parameters
To manage cookies and the user’s choice, the user can configure each browser. This configuration is described in your browser’s help menu, which can be accessed via the links below:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

The user can find more information on cookies directly on the CNIL website:


Mail :


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