Many roles are available at Issartel that allow team members to express their talent and put their expertise to work. Learn more about our jobs. 


Machining operator


The operator ensures the production requested according to the manufacturing range while respecting the instructions relating to the environment and safety.

He/she carries out the following controls, identifies the non-conforming parts and guarantees a legible flow of parts.

His/her role is also to alert in case of non-conformity of parts or safety risks.

Methods technician

image Technicien méthodes

The role of the methods technician is to organize the operations of the manufacturing orders and make them to be in line with the customer’s standards. In addition, he/she ensures :

  • Carrying out tests in compliance with the budgets and deadlines allocated by the project manager
  • the availability of the material

He/she is also required to draw up plans and assembly procedures in collaboration with the technical director and the design technician.



machine de contrôle

He/She carries out metrology measurements according to the customer’s requirements and checks the control equipment. The metrologist is the guarantor of the customer’s quality level. The missions are : 

  • to carry out inspection operations in compliance with the reference documents
  • to carry out periodic checks and to maintain the measuring equipment and handling equipment in good condition
  • assists production operators during in-process inspections by bringing a high level of vigilance to the examination of parts



The role of the buyer is to identify the company’s supply needs and to prospect or analyze the market for suppliers and products.

He/she prepares calls for tender or specifications for suppliers and service providers, as well as analyzing responses to calls for tender and evaluating the ability of suppliers to meet the demands.

The buyer negotiates prices and product delivery times with suppliers.


Project manager

Chef de projet

The project manager follows the entire project, from quotation to invoicing (and after-sales service if necessary). He/she is responsible for project management, coordination and follow-up in liaison with the client.
The project manager makes commercial offers and he is responsible for carrying out the services in accordance with the customer’s requirements, the quality of the services, the deliverables, the respect of the deadlines and the profitability of the business.
He is also in charge of reporting to the client and managers.

Quality technician

Qualité ISO 9001 

His/her mission is to bring the Quality system.to life and to meet the customer’s requirements.

From the drafting of product procedures to the validation of quality documents, the quality technician prepares and compiles supplier files (marking control, quality system evolution, audits, procedures…)

Logistic agent

The logistics agent is the manager of the material stock. He/she ensures the administrative, physical reception and shipment of products. He controls the conformity and the process of material validation while guaranteeing the traceability of each product. Its mission is to manage flows and documents in order to ensure the identification and legibility of flows.


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